Square Revitalization Progress Update

Flat Run Bridge
Work commenced on this SHA project during Fall 2016 and is expected to continue for eighteen months. During construction, there will continue to be two lanes of traffic, with flaggers for traffic control as needed. The bridge will provide pedestrian walkways on both sides, and sidewalks on both sides of MD140, thus providing connections from the downtown area to Silo Hill and Emmit Gardens. 

Sidewalk Connections
In addition to the revitalization project on Main Street, the Town continues to pursue projects that will increase the pedestrian connectivity within the Town and provide safe routes to our schools and parks.   As of Fall 2016, the Town has completed the sidewalks on West Lincoln Ave. between Willow Drive and School Lane; Potomac Ave. between South Seton and Memorial Park; and East Lincoln Ave. between Creamery Rd and South Seton Ave.

During the summer of 2016, the Maryland State Highway Administration replaced and updated sidewalks along South and North Seton Avenues. They now meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, are in greatly improved condition, and extend all the way from FEMA/NETC to Northgate.