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Emmitsburg Multi-User Trail

 Emmitsburg Multi-User Trails

Currently trails are open daily through 9/5/2019.
Starting 9/6/2019 trails will be open Sundays only.
5/22/2020, will begin the 2020 seven-day trail season.

The Emmitsburg Multi-User Trail features thirteen miles of professionally designed and constructed natural surface trails.  The trail network, situated on Town owned property near Rainbow Lake, is comprised of three challenging loops which are suitable for mountain biking, hiking and trail running.  An additional trail crosses the heavily wooded College Mountain, connecting the mountain trails with Annandale Road. 

“A hilly loop route showcasing the stacked loop system around Rainbow Lake.”
plain trail
This ride shows off the first phase of The Emmitsburg Multi User Trail system. The terrain is hilly, with a mix of old-fashioned east coast rocks and new school flow sections. Don't let the mileage fool you, the challenging, steep terrain pack more challenge into half the mileage of trail systems further east. 

Trails are multi-directional and multi-use, so please be alert, courteous, and follow the rules of the trail.
Parking is limited at Rainbow Lake, so try to carpool when you can. 

Additionally, during hunting season, the trails are only open on Sundays. For specifics on Maryland's hunting season, check out Maryland DNR's excellent Hunters' Guide here

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March 2016 MAP Emmitsburg Multi-User Trail
The Emmitsburg Multi- User Trail (MTBProject website)
Trail Guidelines


If you have any pictures you would like to share, please send them to info@emmitsburgmd.gov

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