Snow plows


Snow and ice removal

Winter Weather Doughboy
The Mayor and Commissioners would like to remind our residents about our snow removal and snow emergency plan ordinance.  

Per the Town of Emmitsburg Municipal Code; Section 12.16.010 

Whenever there shall be a snow fall or freezing rain in the Town, it shall be the responsibility of every owner or tenant whose lot borders a sidewalk (or part thereof) to have removed the snow and ice from the sidewalk within twenty four (24) hours from the end of the storm and have the walk restored to a condition safe for pedestrian traffic. 

Per the Town Code, failure to do so shall be a Municipal infraction and may be subject to a fine of up to twenty five dollars ($25) per day the infraction continues.

Please do not blow/shovel snow into the street. Our maintenance staff work long hours clearing the Town streets and blowing/shoveling the snow into the street becomes a driving hazard.  

Please remove all Basketball hoops and other play items from the street or curbside.

Ordinance15-06 Parking prohibited during snow emergency

"No Parking" in designated areas during snow emergency - minutes from September 21, 2015 and October 19, 2015 town meeting

 If the sidewalk adjacent to your property was replaced this year, do not use products containing salt (chloride).  Chloride reacts with the aggregate in the concrete and the surface to scale and delaminate it.  A lot of the “safe concrete” deicers have some sort of chloride in them.  Anything with Chloride is bad for fresh concrete hence Magnesium Chloride (Mag) and Sodium Chloride (Salt) cause damage. 

Kitty litter, sand and fireplace ashes are acceptable choices.  It is also a good idea to wash or sweep (if cold) any new concrete area that gets salt deposited on it from your car.