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03/30/2020 Public Notice

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Historic Emmitsburg MD11


Town of Emmitsburg, Maryland

Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Exemption Program

The State of Maryland now allows for an exemption from paying the $5 per month fee for those who meet the following hardship guidelines: 

Proposed financial hardship exemption criteria:

The applicant must meet 2 of the following conditions:

• If owner-occupied, property owner must be receiving the Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit.
• Receiving energy assistance subsidy;
• Receiving public assistance-supplemental security income (SSI) or food stamps;
• Receiving veterans or social security disability benefits;
• Household child receiving free or reduced lunch benefits.

 Application Procedure and forms:

• Completion of Bay Restoration Fee hardship exemption application form.
• Proof the applicant resides at the property.

 Required Supporting Documentation:

• Copy of tax bill or proof of Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit approval.
• Copy of energy bill, benefit check, or other documentation of receiving one of the above benefits.

 Exemption time-period:

• Maximum of one year based on fiscal year July 1 through June 30
• Applicant must request exemption renewal.
• Application must be received by July 30 of the effective year
• New residents will be reviewed upon application then again each July 1

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