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Budgets & Audits

Each of the approved yearly budgets are contained within each of the Fiscal Years Audit reports.
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Approved Budgets9 documents

  • FY2024 Approved Budget
    document date 05-02-2023
  • FY2023 Approved Budget
    document date 08-23-2022
  • FY2022 Approved Budget
    document date 07-01-2021
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  • FY2021 Budget Approved
    document date 07-01-2020
  • FY2020_Budget_Approved
    document date 07-01-2019
  • FY2019_Budget_Approved
    document date 07-01-2018
  • FY2018_Budget_Approved
    document date 07-01-2017
  • FY2017_Budget_Approved
    document date 07-01-2016
  • FY2016_Budget_Approved
    document date 07-01-2015

Audit Reports9 documents

  • FY2022 Audit Report
    document date 02-08-2023
  • FY2021 Audit Report
    document date 03-10-2022
  • FY2020 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2020
  • FY2019 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2019
  • FY2018 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2018
  • FY2017 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2017
  • FY2016 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2016
  • FY2015 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2015
  • FY2014 Audit Report
    document date 06-30-2014