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Billing polices and procedures

Billing Policy and Procedures

Water and sewer bills are issued quarterly and mailed at the end of March, June, September, and December of each year for water and sewer usage during the preceding three months.   All water and sewer accounts will be established in the name of the property owner where service is rendered.  Bills are mailed in the name of the property owner to the property address, unless the property owner specifies a different address.  No accounts will be established and no bills will be mailed in the name of tenants.  Late notices, disconnection notices and any other notices will be mailed in the name of the property owner to the property address or to such other address that has been designated by the property owner for the mailing of bills.

Payments of water and sewer bills are due in full on or before the due date on the bill.  Partial payments of bills will not be accepted.  All bills may be paid at any of the following locations or in the following manner:

  • by cash, check, money order or credit card at the Town office
  • placed in the drop box at 22 East Main Street
  • On-line banking  PLEASE BE AWARE  that we are currently not set up to receive payments “electronically”.  Thus when you use bill pay/online banking through your bank/checking account a paper check is mailed to us.  The bank cannot guarantee an actual payment date so beware and please allow two to three weeks for the payment to get to us.
  • On our website, go to pay bills online, you will need the account holder name and account number.  You can set up a profile or use the quick pay option.  Using this option, we receive the payment immediately.  You can call or email to verify that we received it.

As of September 5, 2017, water bills will be due on the 5th day of February, May, August, and November.  Should the 5th fall on a weekend or holiday, payment is due on the next business day.

Late notices – a notice of late payment will be issued for any bill which remains unpaid after the due date.  A 5% late fee will be added; not receiving your bill does not excuse the late fee.   So please remember to call the office if you do not receive your bill within 2 weeks of March 31, June 30, September 30 or December 31.

Shut-offs – payments must be received the day before the disconnect day, not the day of disconnect day, no exceptions.  Accounts not paid before disconnect day will go on the shut off list and will be charged the $100 shut off fee regardless of whether they are actually disconnected by the time of payment.

Returned Checks- a $30 charge will be added to the water and sewer bill for any check which is returned an non-payable for any reason.  If a non-payable check submitted in payment of a bill is returned to and received by the town after the date on which the service will be disconnected immediately without any further notice, If we receive payments for two consecutive quarters that are returned for non-sufficient funds, we will no longer accept checks for payment of this properties water bill under the current ownership.

Please keep in mind, paying monthly on your water/sewer bill account continues to be an option for your household budget.  Be sure your account number is referenced at time of payment.  All payments collected prior to quarterly billing will be reflected on your account with the net balance due.  Any overpayments will remain on your account as a credit toward your next quarterly bill.  

Unusually excessive water use  -  In the event that a meter reading reflects an unusually high water usage, whereas the bill is more than 25% higher in that quarter for the last three years,  which is due to a broken pipe, leak or other malfunction in the plumbing on the property then the Town may allow for a first and only occurrence during a three (3) year period beginning with said request, a reduction in the amount of the water and sewer bill.  Ordinance 14-08

Replacement meters   - If a customer contends that his or her water meter is defective and informs the town of this contention, the towns water and sewer personnel will examine and test the meter.  If nothing  is wrong with the meter, the homeowner will be charged $50 for the testing.  If the meter is determined, by town personnel, to be working improperly the meter will be replaced at no cost to the homeowner.