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Trash Collection


If you have hazardous items that needs to be thrown away. Please click here for what is acceptable.

Should Monday fall on a holiday, TYPICALLY garbage is picked up on the following day.
Check this website for updated information (calendar or latest news).  
When you are a new resident to the Town (New Foundation) please call the Town Office to let us know so we may notify the Trash Service to have you added to their route.

Call: 301-600-6300

2024 Holidays with Tuesday Pickup Days
Memorial Day (Tuesday May 28 pickup)
Labor Day (Tuesday Sept 3 pickup)
Veteran's Day (Tuesday Nov 12 pickup)

2024 Bulk Trash Pickup
Saturday April 6 (Mattress affidavits by 4:00pm 4/4/24)
Saturday October 5 (Mattress affidavits by 4:00pm 10/3/24)

Download affidavit here

If you fill out the affidavit, please email it to


Note: 2 item limit per household 

Accepted items include
Grills (no propane tanks)
Patio furniture
Mattresses (must have Town approval)
Box springs (must have Town approval)
File cabinets

The following will not be accepted:
Propane tanks 
Lawn mowers with gas tank still attached
Wood with nails/screws
Anything containing gas or oil
Anything containing Freon
Air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers must have Freon removed and a yellow certification
Mattresses without Town approval
Box springs without Town approval


13.16.010 Residential garbage collection charges

The following shall be charged for residential garbage collection:

  • Service Charge. The payment for residential trash removal shall be made from the revenue of the town, and there shall be imposed by the town a charge assessed to the property owners located within the corporate limits in an amount based upon the rate of thirty-one dollars ($31.00) quarterly for each residential unit for such services. Such charges shall be assessed at the same time as the quarterly water/sewer bills. This charge is for garbage service only.
  • Tipping Fee. The tipping fee charged to the town's garbage collection contractor by Frederick County for residential trash and garbage dumped at its landfill each quarter shall be prorated among the residential units and shall be charged and collected quarterly.
  • Collection of Charges. If any bill for garbage charges shall remain unpaid after thirty (30) days from the date the bill is sent, the owner of the property served shall be mailed a notice in writing, that the bill is in arrears and that the trash service may be discontinued. A copy of the notice shall be either left on the owner's property or mailed to the owner's last known address. If the bill is not paid within ten days of the date the notice is sent, trash collection services to that property may be discontinued until the unpaid bill is paid in full. If any bill remains unpaid after thirty (30) days from the date of sending the notice, the amount of the unpaid bill shall be collectible from the property owner in the same manner and subject to the same interest as taxes are collectible in Frederick County. The amount due shall then be a first lien on the property.
13.16.020 Collection regulations and information:

  • Collection of trash from all residential units shall be performed once per week. Should this day fall on a national holiday, service for the current week will be determined by the current contract.
  • Trash cans and/or bags shall be placed either at the curb line or edge of street for pickup. All cans must be securely covered and bags must be tightly tied. Trash cans are recommended.
  • Trash must not sit out along the curb line or edge of street for an extended period of time. Trash shall be placed out for collection no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled pickup, and not later than 6:00 a.m. on the day of scheduled pickup. Garbage cans should be removed from the curb line or edge of street within twelve (12) hours after pickup.
  • Collection of trash shall not be made on Main Street (Maryland Route 140), except in those instances when a residential unit is not accessible from North Avenue or Lincoln Avenue.
  • The following will not be picked up at curbside as trash: brush, grass clippings or other vegetative matter, bundled newspapers, construction materials of any kind bagged or unbagged.
    • Household furniture and/or appliances will be collected only on bulk pickup days.
    • Multiunit buildings must supply a trash collection area. The trash collection area must have a hard surface floor (concrete or asphalt) and a solid frame fence, with latchable gate, not less than forty-eight (48) inches tall. Trash collection areas must include eighteen (18) square feet of area per unit serviced, but not less than sixty-four (64) square feet of total area. Trash from the multiunit building will be stored in trash cans (recommended) and/or bags at the trash collection area prior to trash pickup. Multiunit buildings may use a trash dumpster in place of a trash collection area if the following requirements are met:
  • Dumpster must be approved by the town and contractor as adequate for the intended use;
  • A dumpster pad must be supplied by owner of the dumpster and/or property owner and be approved by the town.
  • County-identifiable recyclables may not be picked up as trash. 
  • Bulk Trash will be scheduled in April and October of each year.  Bulk trash is provided to Town residents who pay for weekly trash pick up (Mondays).